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Why Was My Photo Rejected?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Please note that we manually review all photos uploaded by our members.

Some of the most common reasons for photos to be rejected are:
  1. Photo was not clear enough, was distorted or over cropped.
  2. The photo was not of yourself.
  3. The photo was of a child, we do allow photos with children in but you must also be in the frame.
  4. The photo breaches our modesty guidelines. This means when users upload photos in suggestive, promiscuous poses, in their swim/underwear or the images contain nudity.
  5. Too much cleavage. Where possible we try to crop the photo and salvage the photo as much as we can. Where we feel that cropping will simply fail to create a decent photo, we reject it and urge you to upload a replacement.
  6. You uploaded a duplicate. This is where you uploaded more than one copy of the same photo.

NOTE: we have very high decency/modesty guidelines, unlike any other website we know. We are not a swipe based one night stand site/app. Our aim is to setup families for the long term. We are sure that there is more to you than in your birthday suit. Thank you for understanding.

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